Behaviour in Business

Why it matters

Dear Colleagues,

Roche is recognised as a leader in creating, producing, and marketing innovative healthcare solutions of high quality for unmet medical needs. We do business in a responsible and ethical manner, and with a commitment to sustainable development, respecting the needs of the individual, the society and the environment.

Roche’s reputation is one of its most valuable assets. Our stakeholders expect us to do the right thing. We all have a responsibility to foster and protect Roche’s reputation. Our Roche Values – Integrity, Courage and Passion – and the Roche Corporate Principles provide clear guidance for our business behaviour.

The Roche Group Code of Conduct clearly expresses Roche’s expectations as your employer and provides you with practical guidance, examples and references to further useful information.

Roche strongly strives for a culture of mutual trust that encourages the free exchange of views across all organisational levels. A liberal working environment is critical to our success. By fostering a two-way dialogue and playing an active role, every Roche employee can make a difference.

Roche is convinced that integrity is and will remain the basis of our sustainable and successful business and our culture. Any breach of integrity could result in a loss of our licence to operate, making us unable to provide our products to the patients in need.

Whenever you are in doubt about correct business behaviour, seek help and advice. If you have a compliance concern, speak up. The Roche Group Code of Conduct tells you where you can find help and advice and to whom you can raise a compliance concern.

The Corporate Executive Committee and the Board of Directors of Roche Holding Limited have formally endorsed the Roche Group Code of Conduct and fully support initiatives designed to foster its implementation.

Please take the time to read our Roche Group Code of Conduct, live and personally implement it in all your daily business activities.

Severin Schwan
Chief Executive Officer