Business Partners

We expect high standards of performance and integrity from our Business Partners

Roche is committed to high standards of performance and sustainability in all its activities, including in its dealings with business partners.

Our business partners play an important role as enablers of our sustainable growth and overall success.

All dealings by Roche with its business partners are executed on the basis of high quality of the requested product(s) and service(s), availability, competitive prices, best suitability, sustainability and integrity. Roche has set forth principles regarding appropriate remuneration of its business partners, such as consultants, advisers, agents or specialists.

Roche expects that the behaviour of its business partners complies with applicable laws, regulations, industry codes and contractual terms, as well as with generally accepted sustainability standards, such as protection of human rights, safety and environment, prohibition of child or forced labour, money laundering and bribes. Roche supports the industry principles for responsible supply chain management.

Before entering into a business engagement, Roche performs a due diligence of the potential business partners to get first-hand assurance about their integrity, quality, suitability and credibility.

After signing of the contract and adequate instruction concerning integrity and other duties, the due diligence of business partners takes on the form of monitoring to ensure compliance with the rules set out in the contract (“Trust, but verify”).

Business partners can seek help and advice in respect of the implementation of the Roche Group Code of Conduct as well as report a potential non-compliant situation which they face in connection with a Roche business directly to the Roche Chief Compliance Officer.

If a business partner does not comply with applicable laws, regulations, industry codes, contractual terms or with generally accepted sustainability standards, Roche requests appropriate remedial measures and will, if necessary, terminate the cooperation.

We are all expected to:
  • Interact with our business partners with integrity.
  • Obtain and maintain assurance about the integrity, quality, suitability and credibility of our business partners before and during a business engagement.
  • Request appropriate remedial measures if we become aware of a compliance issue with a business partner.
Questions & Answers

I work with a consultant. He has asked me for high remuneration for his services which in my opinion is clearly above a fair market price. What shall I do?

Roche has set forth the principles regarding the remuneration of its business partners in the Roche Directive on Integrity in Business. Accordingly, the remuneration should be in line with the fair market value of the services provided. If the remuneration is not commensurate with the services provided, you should not accept the consultant’s request. Immediately inform your Line Manager and the local Compliance Officer to discuss an appropriate solution.

I heard informally that one of our suppliers is under investigation for using child labour. Should I ignore this rumour?

No. Roche protects human rights and does not tolerate behaviour by its business partners which is not in line with applicable laws and generally accepted sustainability standards. You should immediately speak up and bring this information to the attention of your Line Manager. Roche will investigate the matter and take further appropriate steps. Roche’s position on human rights is articulated in the Roche Corporate Principles, the Roche Position Paper on Respecting Human Rights and in the Supplier Code of Conduct. These documents can be found on the Roche internet website

Further Informations

Further information and guidance: Roche Position Paper on Respecting Human Rights; Roche Supplier Code of Conduct; Roche Directive Behaviour in Business – Directive on Integrity in Business; Roche Anti-Corruption Compliance Questionnaire for Roche Business Partners (self-assessment tool); Roche Anti-Corruption Compliance Assurance Confirmation of Roche’s Business Partners; eLearning program “Behaviour in Business - Addendum I” (RoBiB Add I). These materials can be found on the Roche internet and intranet (website of Group Legal Department). Information for the business partners can be found on the Roche internet.
Help & advice: In case of questions regarding interactions with business partners, please contact your Line Manager, the local Compliance Officer, the Chief Compliance Officer or the Roche Group Code of Conduct Help & Advice Line.
Speak up: If you believe in good faith that in connection with a business where Roche is involved someone has done, is doing, or may be about to do something that violates the provisions regarding interactions with business partners, speak up by using the available speak up channels.