Compliance Officers

Compliance Officers support us

The Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) with the Compliance Officers network is committed to ensuring that the Roche Group Code of Conduct is consistently complied with throughout the Roche Group. The Chief Compliance Officer also serves as a contact for employees, shareholders, business partners, customers and the general public on issues relating to the implementation of and compliance with the Roche Group Code of Conduct.

A local Compliance Officer has been appointed in each Roche affiliate with the following responsibilities, in particular, but not limited to:

  • ensuring that employees know where they can ask for help and advice if they have doubts about the correct business behaviour;
  • networking and collaborating with local, regional and global compliance experts in order to identify and take advantages of synergies between Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics;
  • coordinating local compliance endeavours, initiatives and training programs;
  • supporting and conducting compliance monitoring, compliance controls and compliance audits;
  • supporting Line Management in the local integrity risk-management processes;
  • supporting Line Management in the adequate handling of local non-compliance cases, including reporting in the Business Ethics Incident Reporting (BEIR) system;
  • encouraging employees to speak up if they have a compliance concern.

The Chief Compliance Officer coordinates the network of the local Compliance Officers and makes sure that best practice examples are regularly exchanged and shared within the network and that global Compliance tools are continuously reviewed and updated.

We are all expected to:
  • If we don’t feel comfortable contacting our Line Manager, contact the local Compliance Officer to seek help and advice or to report a compliance concern.
  • Contact the Chief Compliance Officer, if we prefer not to contact the local management or the local Compliance Officer
Questions & Answers

A stakeholder wants to make a complaint against Roche alleging that somebody within Roche has violated the Roche Group Code of Conduct. To whom can the stakeholder address the complaint?

The Chief Compliance Officer serves as a contact person for employees, shareholders, business partners, customers and the general public on issues relating to the implementation of and compliance with the Roche Group Code of Conduct.

I work as a sales manager in a Roche affiliate and – keeping in mind Roche’s business integrity standards – I do not feel comfortable with an instruction that I received from my Line Manager. What should I do?

Speak up and address your concerns directly to your Line Manager. If you are not satisfied with the answer that you received from your Line Manager, contact your local Compliance Officer who will take and treat your compliance concerns seriously and in a confidential way.

I face a sensitive compliance issue that I would like to discuss neither with the local management nor with the local Compliance Officer. With whom can I discuss this issue?

You can contact the Chief Compliance Officer who will treat your matter in a confidential way.

Further Informations

Further information and guidance: eLearning program “Behaviour in Business” (RoBiB); eLearning program “Behaviour in Business – Addendum I” (RoBiB Add I); Document Functions and Responsibilities of local Compliance Officers. These materials can be found on the Roche intranet (website of Group Legal Department).
Help & advice: If you want to know more about the functions of Roche’s Compliance Officers, contact your local Compliance Officer, the Chief Compliance Officer or the Roche Group Code of Conduct Help & Advice Line.
Speak up: If you believe in good faith that in connection with a business where Roche is involved someone has done, is doing, or may be about to do something that violates the Roche Group Code of Conduct, speak up by using the available speak up channels.