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We satisfy legitimate interests in information about our innovative products and services

As a research-focused healthcare company, Roche creates, produces and markets innovative diagnostic and therapeutic products and services that provide significant benefits. Our stakeholders have a legitimate interest in being informed about our products and services, including the results of our research and development activities.

We provide this information in a transparent, accurate and timely way to enable interested parties to take advantage of any progress we have achieved in medical science. We for example publish information about the results of our clinical trials on the Roche internet website. We support the medical education of healthcare professionals, e.g. by the provision of grants for independent medical education. Receiving information about advances achieved in medical science is in the interest of healthcare professionals and their patients.

Roche’s interactions with healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations are aimed at exchanging scientific information that can help optimise the use of Roche’s products and services. These interactions are based on standards of ethics, integrity and fair remuneration for services. The marketing of pharmaceutical and diagnostic products and all interactions with healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations are highly regulated. Roche is committed to complying with all applicable laws, regulations, industry codes and internal Roche processes and standards relating to good marketing practices and any interactions with healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations. To support compliance we have set up specific compliance functions (e.g. Group Healthcare Compliance Council, Pharma Healthcare Compliance Office).

Roche respects the legitimate undertakings of its competitors, including generic and biosimilar manufacturers. However, it is expected that they to comply with applicable laws, regulations and industry codes. Roche does not tolerate misleading claims which disparage its products, and protects its products and interests against unfair competition.

We are transparent with regards to our contributions to healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations and fully comply with all laws, regulations and industry codes requiring disclosure (e.g. US Sunshine Act, EFPIA Disclosure Code). We publish certain data voluntarily on a global level as part of our sustainability reporting, e.g. all contributions to healthcare organisations.

We are all expected to:
  • Comply with applicable laws, regulations, industry codes and Roche’s internal processes and standards.
  • Speak up and take immediate corrective measures in case of violations of these provisions.
Questions & Answers

I have been working on a marketing campaign for a new product. I am concerned that a proposed claim is not entirely accurate. Should I raise the issue?

Yes. Speak up and address your concern with your Line Manager. We have a responsibility to ensure that any claim relating to our products and services is based on scientific evidence and is not misleading.

A friend asks me what principles define Roche’s relationship to healthcare professionals. What should I answer?

Roche’s relationship to healthcare professionals is based on two key principles: (i) Roche is committed to providing information on its innovative products and services in an open, transparent, honest, timely and compliant way. (ii) Roche does not provide any improper advantages for prescribing its products.

What should I do if I notice a competitor making a misleading claim about a Roche product?

Speak to your Line Manager so that appropriate actions can be taken to protect Roche’s products and interests.

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