Innovation & Quality

We create innovative products and services of high quality

Our products and services help to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases, thus enhancing people’s health and quality of life.

For over a century, the Roche name has stood for innovative, high-quality products and services. Innovation and quality are fundamental pillars of our strategy and culture, and they provide us with a tremendous competitive advantage.

We strive to achieve high standards of quality in everything we do. In order to be successful, Roche must be responsive to changing market situations and strive for distinctively outstanding and excellent products through efficient business processes. This is the objective of quality management, with one of its key aims being the continuous improvement of business processes and products. Innovation is critical as it drives improvement and increased quality.

A key component of our innovation strategy is personalised healthcare. Personalised healthcare means the right therapy for the right group of patients at the right time. For a number of diseases, we have medicines with companion diagnostic tests that can identify patient subgroups, bringing greater precision to treatment.

We are all expected to:
  • Ensure that the high expectations of our stakeholders regarding the quality of our products and services are fully met.
  • Strive for continuous improvement of business processes and products.
  • Support personalised healthcare.
Questions & Answers

What are the two defining characteristics of Roche’s products and services?

Roche’s products and services are associated with innovation and high quality.

What is meant by personalised healthcare?

Personalised healthcare means fitting treatments to different groups of patients.

Further Informations

Further information and guidance: Roche Position Paper on Assessing the Value of Roche Products and Services; Roche Position Paper on Personalised Healthcare; Roche Brochure “Doing now what patients need next”; Roche Brochure “Roche Personalised Healthcare”. These documents can be found on the Roche internet and the intranet (website of Group Legal Department).