Stakeholder Engagement

Engaging with our stakeholders is essential to build trust, develop an understanding of our business challenges and jointly develop solutions

Open and constructive dialogue with our stakeholders is crucial to improving our ability to create sustainable value and growth. It helps us to better understand how to serve patients, their caretakers and physicians, and to focus our activities to create value for both the company and society.

The interests of our stakeholders are as diverse as the groups themselves – patients and patient organisations, healthcare professionals, payors, regulatory authorities and other government organisations, non-profit organisations, the scientific community, suppliers, service providers, investors, trade and business associations, media, our employees and society in general. We use a variety of channels to support our communications, such as corporate websites, annual reports and other publications. In addition, we participate in more formal and structured engagement, such as meetings, forums and other events, and carry out consultations and surveys.

We have established Group-wide guidelines and policies to govern our interactions with stakeholder groups. Transparency about relations between healthcare companies and a variety of stakeholders has become a topic of increasing interest, as has the amount of information available to those who are interested. Hence, we have taken numerous steps to improve our communication and transparency around key topics. In addition, we have developed a number of position papers on sustainability topics; each addresses specific expectations and concerns of our stakeholders.

Media contacts are managed by experts in the Media Relations team, whilst interactions with investors are dealt by the Investor Relations team. Roche employees must direct all media and investor inquiries to these teams.

We are all expected to:
  • Follow the Group-wide guidelines and policies that govern our interactions with stakeholder groups.
  • Direct all media inquiries to the Media Relations team.
  • Direct any inquiries by investors or financial analysts to the Investor Relations team.
Questions & Answers

I am discussing Roche’s business activities with my neighbour. He asks me about Roche’s position on topics such as: pricing of our medicines, animal research, human stem cells, and pharmaceuticals in the environment. Where can I find information that enables me to answer these questions?

Roche has developed position papers on different sustainability topics of interest to our stakeholders. You can find them either on the Roche internet or on the Roche intranet (website of Group Communications and Group Legal Department).

I am working in the Research Department. A journalist asks for an interview about a new molecule my team is working on. Am I allowed to provide the requested answers?

No, you cannot agree to be interviewed. Media contacts are managed by experts in the Media Relations team. Therefore you must forward the inquiry directly to them.

Further Informations