Employment at Roche

We offer attractive opportunities and set high standards

The Roche Values “Integrity, Courage and Passion” are meant to guide our decisions and actions. They are the pillars of our corporate culture and apply throughout the Roche Group.

Roche promotes and expects mutual respect and trust. We offer an open workplace where teamwork is valued.

The Roche Group Employment Policy establishes uniform minimum standards for all Roche companies and states what Roche expects from its employees. This policy addresses topics such as recruitment, promotion, career development, remuneration, diversity and inclusion, prohibition of forced and child labour, freedom of affiliation.

Our seven Leadership Commitments set clear expectations for all our people leaders at Roche and represent our leadership promise to our employees. Regardless of area of work or level, Roche expects every leader at Roche to demonstrate these commitments day in day out:

“I firmly believe that each person at Roche deserves a great leader. Every day I strive to lead by example, consistently demonstrating our values of Integrity, Courage and Passion. This means:

  1. I take a genuine interest in people.
  2. I listen carefully, tell the truth and explain ‘the why’.
  3. I empower and trust people to make decisions.
  4. I discover and develop the potential in people.
  5. I strive for excellence and extraordinary results.
  6. I set priorities and simplify work.
  7. I congratulate people for a job well done.”

We foster an environment where everyone feels encouraged to express his/her ideas and opinion. The relationship between an employee and a manager requires an open communication. To strengthen the relationship, Roche introduced so called “Check-Ins” which are frequent, informal, employee-centred conversations.

We regularly run a global employee opinion survey (GEOS) to solicit candid, anonymous feedback on needs and expectations to enable identification of areas for improvement. These surveys are also used to determine the level of engagement within the company.

Roche respects the right of all employees to join any legally recognised employee association and will comply with any laws relating to employee representation. Roche strives to maintain an open dialogue with all employee representatives.

We are all expected to:
  • Behave in line with Roche Values.
  • Live up to Roche’s expectations as set forth in the Roche Group Employment Policy.
  • As a leader demonstrate the Leadership Commitments day in day out.
Questions & Answers

What do the Roche Values “Integrity, Courage and Passion” mean for my daily work?

They are meant to be put into practice. Use them in your daily work as a guide for your decisions and behaviour.

Why is a culture which fosters the expression of opinion without a fear of negative consequences so important for Roche?

Roche strongly believes that this culture is the basis for integrity and compliance; in addition, said culture enables and triggers innovative ideas, which support our business.

I have a friend with a disability who asked me whether she has a fair chance to get a job at Roche. What shall I tell her?

Yes, at Roche we value people’s abilities and strive to proactively support disabled persons by providing them with work opportunities and including them as fully accepted colleagues.

Further Informations

Further information and guidance can be found on the Roche Internet and Intranet. For specific information consult the Roche Group Employment Policy.

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