Behaviour in Business


Dear Colleagues,

Roche is recognised as a leader in creating, producing and marketing high-quality, innovative healthcare solutions for unmet medical needs. Our framework and our purpose statement focus on the patients, and our corporate values guide our decisions and behaviour. We do business in a responsible and ethical manner, with a high commitment to sustainable development. We create a positive impact for individuals, society and the environment.

The science of medicine has allowed us to make incredible advances in diagnosing and treating diseases. The digital revolution in healthcare provides new ways to collect high-quality data from patients. In this new environment, it is more important than ever for everyone at Roche to take responsibility for the proper management and protection of data and information, which need to be findable, accessible, shareable and handled with the appropriate care, security and confidentiality. This is essential to protect both our own interests and those of the patients and our stakeholders.

Roche’s reputation is one of its most valuable assets. Our stakeholders expect us to do the right thing. Each and every employee has a responsibility to foster and protect Roche’s reputation. We make every effort to build a culture of mutual trust that encourages the free exchange of views and opinions. A liberal working environment is critical to our success. By fostering a culture of empowerment and a compliant mindset, where everybody feels free to express his or her opinion, we create an attractive workplace.

Roche is convinced that integrity is and will remain the basis of our sustainable and successful business. The Roche Group Code of Conduct clearly expresses Roche’s expectations as your employer and provides you with practical guidance, examples and references to further useful information. Moreover, it can be regarded and used as a “business card” which evidences Roche’s commitment towards making a valuable and sustainable impact on society.

The Corporate Executive Committee and the Board of Directors of Roche Holding Limited have formally endorsed this updated Roche Group Code of Conduct.

I expect you to implement the Roche Group Code of Conduct in your daily business and act as a Roche ambassador. Thank you for your support.

Severin Schwan
Chief Executive Officer