Personalised Healthcare

The right treatment for the right patient

Convergence of medical knowledge, technology and data science is revolutionising patient care. Roche is spearheading the next generation of healthcare with partners around the globe. We are bringing together a unique understanding of human biology with new ways to analyse health data. Our vision is to ensure that the screening, diagnosis, treatment and even prevention of diseases will more quickly and effectively transform the lives of people everywhere—ensuring the right treatment for the right patient at the right time.

The science of medicine has allowed us to make incredible advances in diagnosing and treating diseases. But the complexity of human biology is staggering. Every person is unique and in many ways, so are diseases. Yet the digital revolution in healthcare provides new ways to both collect high-quality data from each patient and connect it to data from large pools of other patients for analysis. This enables us to arrive at a deeper understanding of how to treat an individual. Only then can we see what distinguishes each of us as individuals, and translate that into personalised and thus improved care for every person.

We are committed to use artificial intelligence (AI) and real-world data (RWD) in a responsible and trustworthy way. RWD denotes data relating to patient health which is collected as part of routine healthcare practice instead of data generated through conventional clinical trials in dedicated research settings. RWD are seen as a potentially rich and underutilised source to generate insight as to how approved diagnostics systems and medicines affect outcomes for patients under real-world conditions. Roche views RWD as a credible source of scientific information and evidence, provided that the data is of high, fit-for-purpose quality and the analysis is subjected to scientifically rigorous study design and analytical methodologies.

Roche applies appropriate measures to protect individuals’ privacy rights by anonymisation and pseudonymisation or its equivalent concepts in other privacy laws (e.g. de-identification). The same is expected from our service providers and collaboration partners.

Questions & Answers

What is meant by personalised healthcare?

Personalised healthcare means the right treatment for the right patient.

I’m interested in Roche’s position on real-world data. Where can I find information about Roche’s position?

In the Roche Position Paper on Access to & Use of Real World Data.

How does Roche make sure that data privacy of patients is adequately protected?

Roche has adequate governance and further safeguards in place (see also chapter Data Privacy).

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