Safety, Security, Health & Environment

We promote and provide safe, secure and healthy workplaces, a clean environment and sustainable products

Safety, security, health and environmental protection (SHE) are integral parts of our operations and as such we approach them with the same level of commitment as we do with any business-related activities.

Roche’s operations are conducted in compliance with applicable health, security, safety and environmental laws and regulations, company standards and best practices. We take all reasonable and practical steps to ensure that we provide a safe, secure, healthy and clean working environment.

The Roche SHE Policy is implemented in a systematic manner by means of all necessary technical, organisational and personnel measures. SHE risks are systematically analysed, assessed and where deemed necessary, reduced or eliminated. We employ SHE professionals at all sites to support the systematic implementation of SHE.

We strive for continuous improvement wherever possible and economically viable. We proactively seek to employ new, more sustainable technologies and processes to minimise our impact on people and the environment. We continuously develop our products and services for improved sustainability. We initiate and implement initiatives to reduce resource consumption, waste generation and environmental pollution and to address global warming and climate change.

We set challenging SHE goals, regularly monitor our performance and ensure our behaviour, processes and equipment are state of the art.

Every employee is personally responsible for safety, security, health and environmental protection at the workplace to the full extent required by his/her duties to the best of his/her knowledge, ability and experience, while the managers have overall responsibility for SHE. We are all encouraged to identify areas for improvements and continuously work towards improved safety and a better environment.

We are all expected to:
  • Ensure safety and security, and protect health and the environment at our workplace to the best of our knowledge, ability and experience.
  • Integrate considerations regarding safety, security, health and environment into our daily work.
  • Stop our work when it is not safe.
Questions & Answers

How important is the protection of the environment for Roche?

The protection of the environment has a high priority for Roche. As part of our commitments towards sustainable development, we proactively seek to employ new, more sustainable technologies and processes to minimise our impact on the environment. Each and every Roche employee can, and should, within the sphere of his/her responsibilities and influence, contribute to the protection of the environment.

We have an issue affecting several departments and countries. We plan for a meeting, bringing together different teams to discuss this topic. What should we consider regarding SHE?

Air travel has a significant impact on the total eco-balance of Roche. We therefore need to minimise business flights through the following considerations: hold the meeting as a video/telepresence conference. If a meeting in person is needed, reduce the number of participants—send a competent representative instead of a whole team. Choose a location which minimises the total miles. Combine the business trip with others to reduce the miles. Choose a location which is safe and secure for all participants.

Further Informations

Further information and guidance can be found on the Roche Internet and Intranet. For specific information consult the Roche Group SHE Policy, Guidelines and Directives.

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