Philanthropic Initiatives

We engage in philanthropic giving as part of our sustainability efforts

Roche has a rich history in philanthropic giving.

Roche’s approach to philanthropic donations and non-commercial sponsorships mirrors our sustainable business model and innovation culture.

When assessing projects, we focus on the potential impact rather than on cost. Impact is the measure of value and success. All philanthropic donations and non-commercial sponsorships have to be carried out in an ethical way.

By way of example, Roche has been partnering with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) for more than 100 years, contributing to water and habitat activities in several countries around the world.

Initiatives are decided in line with the Roche Policy on Philanthropic Donations and Noncommercial Sponsorship, which clearly stipulates that contributions must fully comply with our high integrity standards. Philanthropic donations and non-commercial sponsorships must not be used for the purpose of any form of corruption or improper advantage.

Roche employees support philanthropic initiatives, e.g. by participating in the annual Roche Children’s Walk to raise money to support vulnerable children across the globe.

Roche supports its employees who personally engage in community activities, such as the Roche Secondment Programme that enables Roche employees to support non-governmental organisations with their knowledge on healthcare-related topics.

We are all expected to:
  • Address any request for philanthropic sponsorship and non-commercial donation to the responsible Roche decision-maker.
Questions & Answers

Why is it a good thing to participate in the Roche Children’s Walk?

By participating in the Roche Children’s Walk you help to raise money for children who need it urgently. The money that you collect will be doubled by Roche and 100% of it will be invested in supported projects.

I receive a request from a sports club asking Roche for a financial donation. What do I do?

Philanthropic donations are decided by local management of the affiliate concerned. Global projects are handled by the Corporate Donations and Philanthropy Department. The decision-maker has to assess whether a specific request is in line with the principles as set forth in the Roche Policy on Philanthropic Donations and Non-commercial Sponsorship.

Further Informations

Further information and guidance can be found on the Roche Internet and Intranet. For specific information consult the Roche Policy on Philanthropic Donations and Non-commercial Sponsorship.

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