We dialogue with investors in a transparent way

Investors are interested that Roche delivers an adequate and sustainable return on investment, maintains its reputation, performs a comprehensive risk assessment, including environmental, social and governance aspects, and creates a positive impact on society.

Roche is committed to dialogue and engage with investors in a transparent, timely and consistent way. Roche provides useful tools and platforms to convey and report integrated information, e.g. our shareholders assembly, roadshows, investor updates and our global website.

In addition, we inform the competent authorities and the market about stock price-relevant information.

Our stable shareholder structure with the ownership of members of the founder’s families, who are closely associated to a shareholder group with pooled voting rights, enables Roche to have and to apply a long-term business perspective.

We are committed to benchmark our business strategy and our achievements against the industry and corporate best practice. We participate in globally acknowledged benchmark surveys, e.g. the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI).

Media contacts are managed by experts in the Media Relations team, whilst interactions with investors are dealt by the Investor Relations team. Roche employees must direct all media and investor inquiries to these teams.

We are all expected to:
  • Direct any inquiries by investors or financial analysts to the Investor Relations team.
  • Benchmark our achievements against the industry and best practice.
Questions & Answers

Why is it important that Roche communicates and engages in a transparent way with investors?

Besides the fact that in many ways this is a legal requirement, it is in the interest of Roche to sustain a trustworthy and long-term relationship with its investors.

Why is Roche participating in globally acknowledged peer review surveys?

Roche participates in carefully selected surveys, since this enables us to benchmark our business strategy and our achievements against industry and corporate best practice. In addition, results help us to enhance the engagement of our employees, as well as to attract new employees and investors.

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